Site Introduction

IMG_0136[1]    IMG_0145[1]Left: northwest corner of Burke park, looking southwest. Right: Looking north from south edge near Horizons School.

During our first week of class we were introduced to research that had been done the previous semester with students at Horizons K-8, which can be found here:

We visited the site and learned about some of the conditions that the design will need to address. Things like the subtle topography, neighborhood context and view corridors were documented. Teams made site models at different scales.

A large community meeting was held at Frasier Meadows retirement home, which is adjacent to the site. We met with residents and asked about how they use the site and what types of additions they would like to see. Many did not want any changes whatsoever to be made to the park, but among the more common requests were more opportunities for seating and shade. We were asked to avoid a lot of structure and roofs, and one senior explained that when the city decided to stop adding water to Thunderbird Lake, the lake on site, they had a sit-in to protest the decision and would have plenty of time to protest our design if they didn’t like it.

BRC_0008 BRC_0012BRC_0023 BRC_0044

Clockwise from top left: Jeff Dillon from the City of Boulder’s Parks and Recreation department opens the meeting; students representatives from Horizons K-8 share the research they had done previously; a senior looks at masterplanning ideas and writes down some important points; a group of CU ENVD students and seniors check out Frasier Meadows’ amazing view of the foothills


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