Design Concept Development

Since the “Design Proposals” post, our design teams have been hard at work. We wound up not choosing just one proposal to build, but we used the proposals and especially the Crossroads project to define and develop a concept of strands leading in from the adjacent community members to a center “knot,” which will be the main gathering space/outdoor classroom. Below, the strands are shown in white.

Strands come in from the neighborhood, Horizons school, retirement home and one goes from the center space to the wetland area of Thunderbird Lake

Strands connect the center space with neighborhood, Thunderbird Lake, community garden and retirement home.

Strand 1: Memorial Grove

This strand comes leads in from the neighborhood just west of our site. The Memorial Grove strand uses trees and subtle mounds to create a playspace, circulation between The Knot in the center and neighborhood, and learning opportunities with tree ID’s. The path continues straight in from the neighborhood street, and the added trees will be aligned with the existing line of street trees.

Memorial Grove

Strand 2: The Wetland

The Wetland Strand is an implied path between The Knot and Thunderbird Lake. Concrete pavers and low concrete walls create a line of sight that connects the two hotspots. The low walls will create extra seating and playful children may improvise a game of hopscotch between the pavers.


Strand 3: Community Garden

The strand that leads to Frasier Meadows Retirement Home terminates on the east side of the site in a community garden. The garden can be a lobby/waiting zone for kids waiting to be picked up or a threshold between the street and the site. The path will be the first to be built, and the garden will likely  be added later. A row of trees may shade the path as it approaches The Knot.

Community Garden

Strand 4: Biomes

Another implied path guides Horizons students between their school and their outdoor classroom, The Knot. Three mini-ecosystems visually connect the school and The Knot. These mini-ecosystems provide seating, shade, play and educational opportunities for users.


Central Gathering: The Knot

The strands all terminate at The Knot, which will be a major connection point in Burke Park. The design of The Knot is informed by and responds to form and materiality in the strands. Users will be brought together in a space that celebrates interaction.

The Knot


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