Post-Spring Break, Construction Continues & Donations

We are back from spring break and ready to get to it! The seeds that we planted on the new mounds got a lot of moisture last week and should be off to a healthy start. We are all working in the studio, contending with the break’s events. The deck for the outdoor classroom is undergoing more changes—permitting and weather delays have made it unlikely we could accomplish the plan from before by the end of the semester. Check back for details and drawings.

Some people have been asking how they can donate to the project. The Kickstarter page we launched has closed and was unsuccessful, but there are still opportunities to donate. Checks or cash can be sent to the PLAY Foundation at PO Box 20935, Boulder, CO 80308, with a memo stating its purpose for the Burke Park Design/Build.  $200 will donate a tree, with a memorial plaque if you so choose. If you choose this route, you can contact to work out the details and make sure we know you donated a tree.

Stay tuned, we are making a lot of progess!


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